Canada is home to people from all across the world. Spouse sponsorship is an option for Canadian citizens and permanent residents who want their spouses to immigrate to Canada. As per this sponsorship programme, your spouse may not have to meet the compulsory requirements for entry into Canada, such as language proficiency, school requirements and work experience.

This post will cover everything you need to know regarding sponsoring your spouse for Canadian permanent residence.

What Is Spouse Permanent Residency?
Spousal sponsorship Canada programme allows all the Canadian permanent residents and citizens to sponsor their spouses or common-law partners to become permanent residents of Canada. Once the sponsorship is completed, they can work, live and eventually settle permanently in Canada.

Requirements For Spouse Immigration:
Your life partner can apply for permanent residence in Canada if you can provide for their basic living expenses. For this, your age must be at least 18, and a permenant resident or a Canadian citizen. This category visa process has many technical requirements. You must also prove that you do not receive any social assistance to become eligible. There are certain requirements that needs to be completed by you and your partner/spouse.

Marital Requirements For Getting Spousal Immigration

Both of you must show proof to the court to prove that your marriage is legal. It is necessary to ensure that only genuine people are allowed to enter Canada. You can read more here about the immigration rules in Canada.

Sponsorship is available to individuals who fit into any of the following categories.

You must have been married legally for at least one calendar year, and you must both be at least 18 years of age.

Common-law Partner:

The partner’s age must be at least 18 and have lived with you for a minimum of one year.

Relationship Partner:

They must be at least 18 years old, live outside Canada, and have been in a real relationship for at least one year. You and your marital partner cannot live in or marry in the country of your marital partner due to serious legal or immigration barriers. They may be living in a country where the connection between different religious groups is not recognized and could face persecution or even prohibition against same-sex marriage.

Financial Prerequisites

No matter what type of Canada spouse visa you apply for, you must be financially stable and should be able to pay your partner’s basic expenses in Canada. You need to provide documents that prove your economic status in Canada.

Work Permit For Spouse Without Restrictions

To be eligible for a Canada spouse dependent open work visa, your spouse must be-

  1. The Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program applicant who is allowed to work in a job that is classified as NOC 0, B, or C. Or
  2. An international student enrolled at a public postsecondary institution such as a college, university, or general et profession (CEGEP) in Quebec.

If you are a work permit holder, your spouse needs to attach a copy of the work permit and the open work permit application. Moreover, your spouse would need to provide a document from the current employer confirming your job in there in a No Objection Certificate, 0, A or B occupation, along with your payslips and your job offer or contract letter.

Time required to get Spouse PR in Canada:

Most Spousal Sponsorship applications are processed within one year of being submitted. However, your application may take longer than the average, depending on your particular case.

If the visa office asks for additional documents or if your case has a complex issue, this will increase your processing time. To ensure your application is processed quickly, it is important to complete the application correctly the first time.

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